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The Difficult-to-Ignore Role of Medical Tubes

We don’t always take the time to think about the important things in our lives that we take for granted. For example, we hardly take time to consider the medical equipment which has been created and perfected over time to help keep everyone healthy. This article focuses on the importance of medical tubing that’s hard to miss in any well-fledged medical facility.

Sterilized medical tubes and pipes keep playing a vital role each year by helping hundreds of thousands of patients get well in healthcare centers, be it by facilitating blood transfusion or intake of essential medication or food. It’s very obvious that much of what can be implemented today to help with cure in the area of medicine would be practically unviable were it not for the availability of superior-quality medical tubing.

The peristaltic pump, which is utilized in the pumping of a variety of fluid types in and out of a patient’s system, is a perfect example. Dialysis and pumping of IV fluids are some typical applications of peristaltic pumps. A typical characteristic of such medical applications is that they all use tubes. Bypass surgery would be significantly more dangerous, the effectiveness of dialysis would be lower, and intravenous lines would be less effective in the transmission of nutrition and treatment of patients were it not for superior-quality medical tubes.
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Likewise, a range of medical applications have found single as well as multi-lumen tubing very essential, including in coronary, heart rhythm control, neurovascular, and vascular access applications. The many types of medical tubes have an extensive array of uses, from the management of fluids to enabling connectivity with therapeutic or diagnostic equipment. Definitely, these tubes are life saving and make living more comfortable in a range of medical settings. These medical tubing may be classified as either single or multi-lumen. A single lumen tube supports one-way fluid or gas transmissions. In contrast, multi-lumen tubing facilitates the conveyance of various fluids through several channels.
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When being manufactured, medical tubing is subjected to extrusion, in which case, plastic is melted to create a single continuous sterile shape that’s resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and solvents. The end product is resilient and ideal for use in any medical setting. An added benefit is that tubing created for medical use sticks easily to devices like plastic connectors, and that’s it’s easy to integrate with other medical components.

So, the next time you’ll visit a hospital for one reason or another, consider the effort, creativity, thoroughness, and the precision that goes into making the so often overlooked components of medical systems, such as plastic medical tubing. The tubes are surely life-saving products.